Gama Bomb – “Untouchable Glory”


Gama Bomb – “Untouchable Glory” (AFM Records)

What happens if you crossed Municipal Waste with Lawnmower Deth – chances are you’d be dealing with a nice buncha Irish lads called Gama Bomb! Playing plutonium death thrash at nuclear fueled speeds, this five piece clearly take their influence from 80s thrash, as well as a loada cheesy, action B movies from the 70s and 80s. If “The Expendables” is the modern film take on the schlock of this era, then Gama Bomb are no doubt the thrash take with their own overblown album title drawn from a Korean flic called ‘Ninja Untouchables Untouchable Glory’ – which is their opening track! Musically they certainly live up to their name with machine gun blast beating, relentless ninja kicking riffola and bazooka booming bass on the twelve cheesy but catchy songs making up “Untouchable Glory”. Now onto their 5th album, which certainly proves they’ve got a market, perhaps for crazy lyrics like on ‘Drinkers, Inc’ with ‘….bless me father for I have sinned…drunk all day, drunk all night…it went straight to my head..!’, this album however shows a marked accessibility built around some hugely catchy singalong choruses. Philly Byrne now sings and even does half assed Bruce Dickinson operatic wails amid his expected thrash insane screams like on ‘I Will Haunt You’. But even more ambitious is his Irish rapping on ‘Tuck Your T-Shirt In’ amid wailing tremolo solos and hard core shout outs! With the guitar work subtly incorporating more melodic notes here n there besides the chainsaw thrashola, Paul Caffrey’s speed drumming has also shown maturity by adding more stylish beats enhancing the overall catchiness while still able to give you an old style hammering like on ‘Raging Skies’. Gama Bomb have, through their accessible material shown the talent to add freshness and versatility into what is often regarded in thrash as stolid so kudos for that while still being able to rip our necks off!

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