Gaskin – “Edge Of Madness”

Gaskin – “Edge Of Madness” (High Roller Records)

Despite being rightly categorized as a NWOBHM band, many wrongly associate that wave of metal with the speed and power of the more popular bands. Gaskin, on the other hand, were one of the many less well known bands and rather than being ‘metal’ played a melodic metallised rock that drew inspiration from the British blues tinged hard rock of the 70s rather than punk. I can’t remember when the band folded but “Edge Of Madness” is the band’s 4th album and aptly titled given that Paul’s personal life saw him going thru depression, divorce and attempted suicide before picking himself up on the slow, hard road to recovery. Thankfully the reputation he made in those early days never left him short of friends and with the growing interest in ‘true’ metal, Gaskin got a new lease of life playing festivals like Headbangers Open Air in Germany. According to Paul, it has taken around five years to produce “Edge Of Madness” which may come as a shock to some, and even more so when listening to songs like ‘Heart Of Thunder’, ‘Lost & Lonely’ and ‘Mans’ World’ (featuring Hawkwind’s Nik Turner on guest sax), which scarcely show any signs of modernity, but continue in that same old harmonized blues rock style. Some might say its dated, but I haveta respect Paul Gaskin for continuing in fine style to do what he both loves and is best at. And with a cult following behind him, who’s to say there isn’t method behind his madness?

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