GATES OF HELL “Critical Obsession”

”Critical Obsession”
I hope that I never ever will stand at the GATES OF HELL. Not that I believe in either heaven or hell but if I were to enter the GATES OF HELL I better do so with one mother of amnesia. I don’t want to be able to remember who I am for eternity if I’m to stay in hell. And with a name like GATES OF HELL you could not very well be a singer/songwriter kind of act could you? This is death metal with a very heavy guitar sound. I gotta admit that I like the sound this lot got. OK, I’ve heard it a million times before but there is something to their heaviness that appeals to me. It is aggressive enough to be death but there is also a thrashier feel to it. You just gotta love the feel of being blown away that you get from this album. Anders Ekdahl

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