Gavin Rossdale – “Wanderlust”

Gavin Rossdale – “Wanderlust” REISSUE (Ear Music)

Gavin Rossdale will always be known and loved for being the front man of 90s Brit post grunge band Bush. Since that time he’s dabbled in acting and married singer Gwen Stephanie, but more recently enjoyed a resurgence of interest thanks to the comeback of Bush. As such this reissue of his 2008 solo album is well timed, if perhaps questionably related. Right off I’ll say that it’s not like Bush at all, rather going into a more mainstream rock sound while retaining elements of melancholy from his previous band. But he has assembled a stellar cast from drummer Josh Freese (The Vandals, A Perfect Circle) to guitarist Chris Traynor (Helmet, Bush) and keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac (Fleetwood Mac, Avenged Sevenfold) certainly giving the heavier songs like the nightmarish trip of ‘If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us’, the bopping ‘Another Night In The Hills’ and the brooding bonus track ‘Jungle In The Circus’ an added darkness complemented by the superlative production skills of Bob Rock. Whilst the softer, more poppier material unsurprisingly didn’t really do a whole lot for me, “Wanderlust” was still appealing especially in it’s more sullen grooves although it was by no means a substitute for Bush.

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