Gehennah – “Metal Police”


Gehennah – “Metal Police” (Metal Blade Records)

Uh oh, lock up your daughters cos Gehenna are back. Not to be confused by their black namesake cousins from Stavanger in Norway, this is Swedish Gehenna famed for their “Kings Of The Sidewalk” album in 1996 – along with a trail of destruction left in the wake of trashed venues, broken noses, life shattering hangovers and arrest warrants. Noted for their national Headbangers Against Disco campaign, don’t be expecting anything suave or sophisticated here, just the smell of week old underpants encrusted by skid marks, blood n vomit. Heavily strummed pig fart bass, wild punk n roll guitar, speed freak drumming and drunken brawler vocals that would even turn Lemmy’s head easily make Gehenna the bastard sons of Venom, Warfare, The Meteors – and of course, Motorhead. Currently at work on their next full length abortion, “Metal Police” reawakens past traumas by rehashing last year’s 4 tracker EP, along with 2 more songs from that session and 6 re-recorded songs from the bands 90s albums. So break out the booze, flip this nasty sucka on, down even more booze and you will still not be close to the sheer obnoxiousness of songs like ‘Four Knuckle Facelift‘, ‘ Carve Off Your Face (And Shove It up Your Ass)‘ and ‘Bitch With A Bulletbelt‘ that say nothing except ‘FUCK OFF’ as they give you the finger. End of.

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