Gehennah – “Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die”


Gehennah – “Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die” (Metal Blade Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Jeasuz, how bad is the sound on this album?! It should read: recorded at Studio Scumbag, in a shady part of Stockholm produced by Martin Carcinoma – an utter outrage for a pedigree label like Metal Blade. Then again, this is (Swedish) Gehennah we’re talking about. Yes. That’s Mr Violence, Hellcop, Rob Stringburner and new reject Charley Knuckleduster. Aka the kings of the sidewalk. Nordic sons of Venom, Bathory and naturally Motorhead, along with massive amounts of booze, this lot don’t exactly live the rock n roll dream, but a perpetuation of their normal drunken lives fighting, fucking and when they get some time, laying waste to anything as the horde better known as Gehennah. Hoarse hobo vocals from Mr V, hammer smashed drumming from muscle monster Hellcop, raw n dirty wailing tremolo guitar from the aptly named Stringburner and Knuckleduster‘s grunting bass bring some seriously fast punk metal rock n roll right from the gutter smashing into your face on the 13 unlucky tracks making up this 4th album – and their first in nearly 20 years. A cult band since the early 90s, Gehenna’s first 3 albums soon established their name even within a searing Scandinavian black metal scene, testament to their own extremeness, and now you can hear it all again on unpleasant street metal ditties like ‘Scumbag’, ‘Tonight We Fight’ and epic, prophetic closer ‘All of the Decadence, None of the Success‘. Get ready to lose that liver.

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