Genocide Pact – “Order Of Torment”

Genocide Pact – “Order Of Torment” (Relapse Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Be fearful. Very fearful indeed. Despite hailing from the nation’s capital, it doesn’t get anymore dank and fetid than this. Undoubtedly spawned in some festering sewer comes the sophomore from the aptly named Genocide Pact, a morbid death doom trio from Washington DC. If you worship at the hallowed altars of old school death metallers like Death, Pestilence and Autopsy, then “Order Of Torment” is sure to satiate your craving for putrid guts right across its 8 blood dripping numbers! From Tim’s heavy, ultra dirty riffs to his primitive, guttural roars, this isn’t music to get mellow over, but rather black clouds amassing to wreck vengeance and destruction upon the wicked. Backed by the equally elephant plod bass of Nolan and Connor’s dull thudding drums, there is absolutely no finesse or technicality here, just the bludgeoning brutality that weighs into you time and again on slow, crushing tracks like ‘Decimation Grind’, ‘Spawn Of Suffering’ and ‘Pain Reprisal’. Strangely, the classy arrangements, par excellence riffing and use of successful old school techniques like whirring, diddly dee melodies and a dollop of reverb, along with a doom undercurrent do wonders to the music and its obvious lure to the unsuspecting! Able to maintain the album’s pulse through intelligent variations in the tempo of the songs, Genocide Pact keep up not just the energy, but also a strong groove from start to finish on “Order Of Torment”, which by my headbanging standards is nothing short of bliss!

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