Geoff Tate – “Kings & Thieves”

Geoff Tate – “Kings & Thieves” (Inside Out Music)

Given the ongoing debacle with his former band mates in Queensrÿche, I did wonder if there was something in Tate’s second solo album’s title lol. Still, it’s a marked departure from the proggy metal of the ‘rÿche, being more melodic power rock with some kick ass funk rock sass to boot! Tate himself sounds remarkably at ease vocally, probably not having to hit those highs as frequently but instead pouring his very passion into making songs like ‘She Slipped Away’, ‘The Way I Roll’ and ‘These Glory Days’ as soulful as possible. Indeed, soul is the word here on “Kings & Thieves”, what with the liberal use of subtle female backing harmonies and a prominent use of the Hammond organ. But when he’s feeling jestful, Tate kicks it big time with the use of subtle sax’s and funky Glenn Hughes rhythms to bring the sex in there babaay! Whatever the outcome of matters related to Queensrÿche, this album proves that Geoff Tate is still one of the top rated vocalists in the world, and best of all, that “Kings & Thieves” is no mere token offering in the meantime, but a top rock album in its own right!

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