GEOFF TYSON “Drinks With Infinty”

“Drinks With Infinty”
(Cargo Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I always seem to return to the same old saying when it comes to instrumental albums. I am no musician so I cannot judge the technical skills. All I can go on is if I like it or not. But that is not cat shit. What the gut wants is what the gut gets. Not being familiar at all with GEOFF TYSON I didn’t know what to expect from this album. What I got was a bluesy guitar album. And with blues you don’t really need vocals to get the feel. Whenever I hear an album like this I immediately think of Joe Satriani or even Steve Vai. As much as I like hearing these kinda albums, as much do I miss not receiving enough of them to satisfy my craving. This one turned out to be a really nice one. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Anders Ekdahl

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