GERM “Loss”

This is a totally unknown entity. Not knowing anything about it prior to being sent this record I have nothing to go on but my imagination. In my head I kinda wish for this to be along the lines of early Godflesh. Something on the more monotone, industrial side of things. And while this might not be as Godflesh as I had hoped for it still seem to be some sort of very eclectic music. Described as black metal/heavy rock/electronic/trance there is a wide canvas to paint on. I gotta admit that I like this. The contrast between the chaotic and the controlled makes this a challenge to listen to but dig deeper and you’ll find an album that is rich in flavor. Kinda like a tapestry of sounds. Each alone makes no sense but put together the different parts start to make sense. Much better than I ever expected. Anders Ekdahl

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