GHOSTBOUND “All Is Phantom”

“All is Phantom”
(A Sad Sadness Song)

Battle Helm Rating

There are times when I just get flabbergasted and don’t know what to say or write and I just sit here and listen. This is one of those times. I had no expectations whatsoever on this but boy did it blow me away. I honestly don’t know how to describe this as it is an amalgamation of so many different styles, and so far apart styles too. You got post rock mixed with black metal mixed with alternative mixed with atmospheric metal. You kinda get my drift. It really shouldn’t work but in some strange manner it does. This has to be one of the coolest and strangest albums I have heard so far in 2018. This is one hell oif an album that I would like to award 6 out of 5. Anders Ekdahl

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