Giant X – “I”

Giant X – “I” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Giant X is the offshoot project by Rolf Kasparek and Peter J. Jordan, best known as the main men behind cult German heavy metal band Running Wild. Well, after nearly 4 decades of headbanging, it doesn’t come as any surprise that the guys have now opted to show their mellower, dare I say it – emotional side – in this full blown rock collaboration. Pretty much covering the full spectrum from AOR to stadium rock to hard rock, Rolf sounds like pure rock version of Udo Dirkschneider with his cat purr vocals, at times stringing you along into thinking that he’s building into a scream, but never actually doing it – what a tease lol! The guitar work is even more brazen: clean rollin upbeat rock riffs, with crooning heart breaker solos that owe more to 50s rock n roll than anything contemporary, along with slide guitars and blues breaks. As for the melodies and harmonies – well, they simply ooze from every pumping pore of songs like ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Soul Survivors’ not to mention the ballad ‘Nameless Heroes’ – WTF, it never happened in Running Wild lol! Get your dancing shoes on and prepare to bop to the Rock´n`Rolf on “I” from two unashamed old rockers who’ve nothing else to prove and even less to lose!

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