Giants – “These Are The Days”

Giants – “These Are The Days” (

‘..Are you fucking joking, cos you’re being serio-us..’ – oh yeah, I’m down with this shit served up steamin from Essex-core crew Giants. Although closer to Sarf End than Coney Island, these guys play a stonking 80s old school hardcore where heaps of adolescent energy made up for simplicity with raucous blistering vocals, catchy punk melodies and wailing wall choruses that soaked sweat into the likes of CBGB’s all those years ago. Giants are somewhat more sophisticated though, engaging some big sound production and injecting some emo core and even mello death hints that work a treat on songs like ‘Won’t Be Told’, ‘Bottled Up’ and ‘Another Day, Another Year’. Luvly Jubbly

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