GIVE EM BLOOD “Seven Sins”

“Seven Sins”
There might not be too much about the band’s name or the album title that tells you this is metalcore. But allegedly that is just what this is; metalcore. Don’t know how I feel about that. I have so far not come upon any metalcore that I like 100%. My mine opinion against has been that most stuff get tedious and repetitive after a couple of songs. But I gotta say that this was more hardcore than I expected it to be. And for that I’m thankful. This is heavy as well as groovy as hell. Just the way I like my hardcore slash metalcore. I can even notice traces of death metal in it without it going deathcore. More of this and I will be a happy dude loaded on testosterone. This is the kind of stuff that almost makes me want to lift weights. Anders Ekdahl

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