GLASTON ”Inhale… Exhale”

”Inhale… Exhale”

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I don’t know if it is because I have complained that I don’t get to hear too much instrumental music that I’ve lately been subjected to quite a few instrumental albums. Like this is the Universe’s way of rewarding me. I don’t know why it becomes a bigger challenge reviewing instrumental music compared to vocal music? Is it because I am so used to hearing vocals that my brain’s focus is offset? No matter what the answer is I do like instrumental music. It provides a most welcomed break. A break where you can let your fantasy run amok. GLASTON is a 4-piece Swiss experimental rock band. The fact that they use a piano in their rock music is an added bonus as it gives it an even more dreamy atmosphere. I really like this. There is a progressive tone to this too. As you listen to this it feels as if the music just keep growing until it is its own universe. Absolutely beautiful. Anders Ekdahl

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