Glittertind – “Djevelsvart”


Glittertind – “Djevelsvart” (Indie Recordings)

After the darkness comes the light. It had to happen sooner or later: with all the hate and evil that Norway has produced over the last 20 years the back lash has been in the form of a band called Glittertind, meaning ‘Glittering Peak’ and named after Norway’s most famous mountain, Jotunheimen. Best of all, I wouldn’t say that Glittertind are a metal band, but a fusion group bringing together punk, modern rock and a very strong Norse folk element. Originally the brainchild of 16 year old Torbjørn Sandvik, who was profoundly inspired by Norway’s strikingly beautiful landscape as well as being spiritually touched by its legends, along with current events like the Utøya massacre, the small project grew along organically without causing any major ripples. However, with Geirmund Simonsen joining firstly as a producer and then also contributing musically, he brought in an extra dimension with his composing experience of large TV and movie productions. Together the duo have forged a sound encompassing all these elements from Sandvik’s elvish vocals to wild guitars and soothing flutes, all wrapped in powerful Norse choirs and unmistakeable melodies that give an epic Viking film score feel to songs like ‘Sprekk For Sol’and ‘Taaketanker‘. Ok, so some of the songs like Trollbunden’ have a slightly camp theatrical edge to them but as they’d be a poke in the eye to Varg Vikernes, Glittertind prove that not only have they come of age but they are the perfect foil to anyone wanting to steal their nation’s flag.

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