Gloom – “Rider Of The Last Light”

Gloom – “Rider Of The Last Light” (Spread Evil)
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As harsh and beautiful as the Finnish taiga comes this superb debut by Gloom, who feature members of Nekrokrist SS. With elite level raw and bleak slide riffing that instantly sinks its fangs into you and even more evil melodies to beckon you unto the dark side, all the 8 tracks here epitomize top quality black metal and clearly reflect plenty of thought, in both their arrangements as well as underlying compositions from the duo responsible for this ‘…raging suicidal melancholy…’! With a resounding shotgun blast the aptly titled ‘Bleed’ kicks off a magnificent Scandinavian riff blizzard and immediately, the epic melodies sink their hooks into your heart propelled by nuclear blast beating as the guitars heap even more stirring melodies into this dark cauldron. Continuing their majesty on ‘Iron Claws Of Black Metal’, the harsh screamo is nothing short of a snowstorm and again, blends superbly with the strong Scandinavian melodies although it’s the nihilistic slide riffing that really hammers home the headbanging frenzy here. With an equally impressive black groove driven by a pulsating bass, ‘Fuck Your Faith’ shows more noteworthy interaction between the throat raw screamo and epic melodies until those incredible slide riffs once again slash their way into your soul in making for utter possession. While it’s arguable that “Rider Of The Last Light” may not have broken any new boundaries, there’s no doubting that it embodies, in fine quality throughout, every classical aspect of black metal.
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