Gloomball – “The Quiet Monster”


Gloomball – “The Quiet Monster” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Now onto their second album comes this fast ascending modern rock / metal act from Germany. Although strangely named, there is an air of heart felt melancholy about their material, although doom they certainly ain’t by any means, and despite being commercially catchy, especially when you include their pop like harmonies, it’s actually quite hard to pin point any clear influences – so much so that Gloomball have toured with a range of bands from Dillinger Escape Plan to Ektomorf to Parkway Drive – so full marks in that department! Alen Ljubic’s deep, emotional vocals as well as his darker drawls set the tone for the equally passionate melodies exuded from Björn Daigger and Jossi Lenk’s seven-string guitars, full of soul searching moments but at little notice ready to hammer out heavy, dirty crunching headbangers ably accompanied by the stamping rhythm of bassist Basti Moser and Danny Joe Hofmann’s drums. With this sophomore you’d think that Gloomball might wanna solidify their sound but the band’s ethos appears to be no limits to stylistic influence so working with choirs and even experimenting with string sections and electronica only serve to add to Gloomball’s massive appeal on songs like ‘All Beauty Dies‘, ‘Sullen Eyes’ and ‘Blue Is Turning Into Gray’, the latter featuring background vocals from Crematory’s Matthias Hechler. With “The Quiet Monster” being penned by the band as a whole it is unsurprisingly more diverse and multifaceted compared to its predecessor and likewise, Ljubic’s lyrics have also matured, being reflective of the inner self, of that demon that lurks within us all, ready to explode like a powder keg. Actively seeking favored producer Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner (Crematory, Powerwolf etc) for his broad genre experience, “The Quiet Monster” is the all around quality package that we’ve been confidently expecting from this talented act for the last two years.

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