GLOOMY GRIM “The Age Of Aquarius”

“The Age Of Aquarius”

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Oh may…GLOOMY GRIM! I thought that they had bitten the bitter end a long time ago. I remember them from the 90s when they were a part of a very vibrant and up and coming Finnish metal scene. And then there was nothing. Until now in 2016. This one I’m looking forward to hearing. I gotta admit that I don’t remember too well what they sounded like back in the days but this is black metal with a symphonic touch. Kinda like Cradle of Filth or early Dimmu Borgir. But with a touch of more primitive and basal black metal. as I don’t remember what they sounded like this is like hearing them for the first time but this album lived up to my expectations of something grand. Anders Ekdahl

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