Glorior Belli – “The Great Southern Darkness”

Glorior Belli
“The Great Southern Darkness”
(Metal Blade Records)

Mon dieu – dark, swamp metal not from the Bayou but the seedy streets of Paris! Although labelled by some as black metal – and indeed they are in terms of their core sound – J’s vocals are more tortured drawls than screeches, whilst H’s guitar churns out twisted dervish riffs as on ‘Per Nox Regna’, almost heading into the satanic realm of Glenn Danzig. Yeah, even the song titles like ‘They Call Me Black Devil’ lend more than an ear to Evil Elvis, but also to the NOLA scene like on the quieter twanging ‘Horns In My Path’, which doesn’t come as a surprise given the Cajun connection. All in all Glorior Belli have achieved an interesting mix without compromising these great styles and for that they deserve a look.

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