GLORIA MORTI “Lateral Constraint”

“Lateral Constraint”
(Cyclone Empire)
For some reason I haven’t paid any attention to Gloria Morti until now. I have no idea why. But as they say; better late than never. I’ll just have to start with the most recent album and work my way back to get to know this Finnish band better. Somehow, and for whatever reason I don’t know, I expected this to be in the vein of Impaled Nazarene but then I realized that I haven’t paid attention to IN n a very long while. But still that is where I’d like to place Gloria Morti. There ‘s the same kind of rage to this as there was to IN. I like the thrash till death kind of approach that this album takes. Slay all, leave no prisoners. No compromise, just full throttled death metal. In that aspect they also remind me of Impiety and a bunch of Aussie extreme metal bands that too have that uncompromising attitude. I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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