Glorior Belli – “Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)”


Glorior Belli – “Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)” (Agonia Records)

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Formed 14 years ago, this Parisian band have continually impressed me over the years with their suave mix of avant garde black metal. Taking the rudiments of blast beating, harsh vocals and raw riffing, Glorior Belli then give it a stylish make over especially with the massive injection of superior occult melodies and dark southern blues rock, to serve up an uber quality brew of extremely catchy, yet potent music. Outwardly pushing the boundaries of the black metal framework, the band go out of their way to avoid its blatant clichés and that’s certainly the case on this 6th album, where darkness and light collide magnificently on sophisticated songs from the dark n twisting ‘Rebels In Disguise’ with its up front dirty crunching bass contrasting brilliantly with clean evil sounding guitars to the epic, black metal majesty of World So Spurious’ with its possessing riff hooks and the final culmination of the emotionally evoking We Whose Glory Was Despised’Brilliantly composed and powerfully delivered with passion, Glorior Belli once again deliver a top quality album which I could not recommend highly enough.  

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