GLORYFUL “The Warriros Code”

“The Warriors Code”
German power metal is a quality declaration as good as any. You can pretty much buy an album labeled German power metal unheard and still know that you’ll get a great piece of metal album. So I have no doubts that I’ll like this one. The question is how much. If you liked bands like for example Edguy before they got all widdly waddly on us, you will like GLORYFUL. If you like your heavy metal on the up-tempo side of things with loads of melodies to sing along to GLORYFUL will be the band for you. This is the kind of metal that will get you in a happy mode. It is hard to not smile when you listen to this album. It gets your heart pumping and your feet stomping. This is feel-good metal all the way to the bank. Anders Ekdahl

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