Glowsun – “Beyond The Wall Of Time”


Glowsun – “Beyond The Wall Of Time” (Napalm Records)

Formed during the late 90s in Lille located in northern France, Glowsun were probably the only burning radiance to come out of that grimy industrial city. Little wonder that this power trio take off their US cousins Karma To Burn in playing deep stoner / psychédélique instrumentals that really leave your brain hanging out – if anything to try and fathom out how the band members can actually play them especially after their pre gig ritual of bark n herb smoking ha ha! Interestingly, the more mammoth striding material like the 9 minute ‘Last Watchmaker’s Grave’ is at the start of the album – their third studio by the way – while ‘Shadow Of Dreams’, clocking in (no pun intended) around 6 minutes is towards the middle while ‘Endless Caravan’ closes this release at around 3 minutes. Not sure if that was intentional or just how long it took for the band to be stoned into comatosis ha ha! Whatever the case, the album plays seamlessly as the 7 songs blend into one another amidst a monotone barrage of dull, thudding toms contrasting with smashing snare, fuzz tone guitar and ultra heavy distorted bass. Johan Jaccob of course, does add some variation with some very far out sounds from his guitar but not so much as to detract from the overall effect of the cumulative psychédélique soundscape. This is an album that plays just like a gig and indeed, the organic sound and jammed out compositions clearly embody that atmosphere, reflective of what is now recognized as a reference of its kind in Europe!

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