Glyder – “Backroads To Byzantium”

“Backroads To Byzantium”
(SPV / Steamhammer)

A lot has happened to these Irish lads since the release of their last album “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” – despite being well received and on the verge of success, vox / bassist Tony Cullen and drummer Davy Ryan quit the band. Three new members have joined: Jackie Robinson, Graham McClatchie and Des McEvoy and it’s also a heralded a change in the band’s sound, that while still melodic hard rock, is very much more American in style like on ‘Fade To Dust’ than their prior Thin Lizzy influenced approach. Personally I feel it’s a touch for the better, showing a band that have confidently found their sound like on ‘End Of The Line’ that while hard hitting isn’t afraid to show melodic choruses. Whatever future direction Glyder take, as long as their roots are with them they will never stray and it’s none clearer than on the poignant ‘Don’t Make Their Mistakes’ which is about the troubles and of a personal nature given Jackie Robinson lives in Ulster and was therefore unable to practically rehearse when putting this album together. Still, the band used technology and moreover showed their ability to overcome even in the face of adversity – and that’s the true fighting spirit of the Irish!

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