GOAT WORSHIP ”Shore Of The Dead”

”Shore Of The Dead”
(Xtreem Music)

Battle Helm Rating

When you from the very first riff get a strong Bathory “S/T” feel you know that this could be either the worst shit you’ve ever heard or simply the best thing since sliced bread. I have ever since I heard the very first proper Bathory track been in love. To hear something like GOAT WORSHIP 30 odd years later is the confirmation of how important Bathory was and still is to extreme metal today. This feels like the ultimate homage to a band that shaped the style of metal we all love so much. But it does beg the questions. Is this any good or just a fun thing. I have to say that even though the spirit of Bathory lingers heavily over this there is a charm to it that makes it stand on its own two feet. This is old school the way old school should be done. Anders Ekdahl

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