Goatwhore – “Blood For The Master”

Goatwhore – “Blood For The Master” (Metal Blade)

Holy fuck, if Celtic Frost were still shakin’ it like they did in the 80s, then Goatwhore would be their name LOL. Remember that raw guitar tone? Those evil sliding riffs? The death grunt drawl? Well, Goatwhore are doing it all an’ a whole lot more! Fronted by no less than two NOLA legends in Sammy Pierre Duet (ex Acid Bath, Crowbar etc) and Soilent Green’s Ben Falgoust, I remember these guys when they first started in the late 90s, and boy, have they matured into something special. Added to them are the bludgeoning rhythm of drummer Zack Simmons (ex-Nachtmystium) and bassist Nathan Bergeron, and you’ve got a killer crew to boot! I guess if there were a spectrum that began at Celtic Frost and went all the way into full black metal then the 10 songs on “Blood For The Master” would pretty much spread across that scale from the “Morbid Tales’ like ‘When Steel And Bone Meet’ to the blackish / deathlike ‘Judgement of the Bleeding Crown’ to the heading straight for Emperor’s throne on ‘My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers’. With Erik Rutan completing the circle to give this blistering slab A1 production and you’ve got it all par excellence bar none.

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