Goatwhore – “Constricting Rage Of The Merciless”


Goatwhore – “Constricting Rage Of The Merciless” (Metal Blade Records)

Whoaa – apocalyptic black death mayhem from the bayous of Louisiana! This fearsome band made up of ex Acid Bath guitarist Sammy Pierre Duet and Soilent Green vocalist Ben Falgoust, dredge up the same electric rhythms that made Celtic Frost cult and run it through their own swamp machine to produce a furious, voodoo cursed terror that has ravaged the continental US for the last 2 years on tour! Falgoust’s dextrous vocals mix bestial growls with throat strained rawness whilst Duet is simply on a roll, shredding his possessed axe to pull the best not just from Tom Warrior, but the black frat packs with equal amounts of abrasiveness and syrup thick reverb amidst devilishly cunning melodies. Thanks to the matching savagery of James Harvey (bass) and Zack Simmons (drums) rhythm, Goatwhore cause irresistably catchy mayhem whether hitting the gas or slowing down to sludge levels on the likes of ‘Poisonous Existence in Reawakening’, ‘Heaven’s Crumbling Walls of Pity’ or ‘Cold Earth Consumed in Dying Flesh’. Recorded in analogue with Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan, this is a beast of an album that masterfully brings the embrace of the extreme to the masses with style and professionalism where other bands would fear to tread.

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