GOD THE BARBARIAN HORDE “Forefathers: A Spiritual Heritage”

“Forefathers: A Spiritual Heritage”
(Earth And Sky Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

To be honest I have no idea if I have written this band’s name the correct way. I might have gotten it all wrong name wise. Hopefully I will get the music the correct way. But whatever, I am looking forward to hearing this album. I have high hopes that this is gonna be a massive folk/pagan/heathen metal kind of album. This album by this Romanian band was recorded in Portugal in 2009 and was scheduled for a 2010/11 release but was for some reasons not released until now. I am not too sure what I think of this album. It is being described as pagan metal. I agree with that to some degree but I would also like to say that this has folk metal leanings. If that is your kinda thing this might be one to look up. I know that I enjoy it. This one did not turn out exactly the way I had hoped but it did provide me with a grand moment of cool pagan metal. Anders Ekdahl

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