GODLIKE “Malicious Mind”

“Malicious Mind”
Don’t know how bright it is to set yourself up for ridicule if you don’t live up to your band name. But then again I like a band that set the standard high. Why settle for second or third place when you can aim for the top? And perhaps somebody will think this is the best thing since sliced bread but to me this is the kind of death’n’roll that I never got into. Separate I have no problem with the different genres but put together they just fail in my head. But I gotta hand it to GODLIKE, they’ve managed to get a groove going that even I can tap my feet to. But then this isn’t just a death’n’roll album. There is a punk feeling to it too that I like. Perhaps I was too hasty in dismissing this and death’n’roll as a whole. Perhaps I need to give it another chance. And I think I’ll start with this album. Anders Ekdahl

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