GODS FORSAKEN ”In A Pitch Black Grave”

”In A Pitch Black Grave”
(Soul Seller Records)

Battle Helm Rating

The first thing that struck me about this band’s name is that it reminds me of that old Swedish band God Macabre. Do you guys remember them? If not they were a part of the Swedish death metal scene of the 90s. GOD FORSAKEN is a band made up of well known folks in the present Swedish death metal scene. With this band they are trying to play old school Swedish death metal. It is hard to imagine that it was 27 years ago that Entombed released their debut album “Left Hand Path”. Still to this day we get bands that are trying to emulate that sound. Talk about an influential album. GODS FORSAKEN have a sound that is straight outta the 90s Swedish death metal book. This is old school. But it is not a poor man’s attempt. This is Swedish death metal done by people that are well established in today’s Swedish death metal scene. As much as this is a homage this is also very contemporary. Not just a trip down memory lane but also a testament to a sound that is timeless. Anders Ekdahl

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