Golden Resurrection – “One Voice In The Kingdom”

Golden Resurrection – “One Voice In The Kingdom” (Doolittle Group)

White hot neo classical power metal from heaven! Formed in 2008 by vocalist Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Divinefire and Audiovision) together with guitarist Tommy ReinXeed (ReinXeed and Swedish Hitz Goes Metal) Golden Resurrection play classic rock in the spirit of Rainbow and Dio combined with modern power elements from Freedom Call. Now onto their Mk III line up with Steven K on bass, drummer Alfred Fridhagen and funky keyboardist Svenne Jansson, GR have injected even more neo classical spirit into “One Voice In The Kingdom” where songs like ‘Heavenly Metal’ and ‘God’s Mercy’ are delivered with precision and power – not in the least on ‘Spirit War’ where even Mozart’s ‘Turkish March’ gets amazingly included lol! Despite their technical prowess, the band have thankfully resisted the temptation to over indulge in musical masturbation on the album as a whole, possibly excepting the instrumental closer of ‘Moore Lord’, dedicated to the late Gary Moore but still done tastefully in fine blues rock by ReinXeed. Rather, they have gone for a more direct approach to their sound reflecting more of a live feel to a GR show and it works a treat. Virtuosity meets Vulcanocity!

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