GONE BY SUNDOWN “Will You Remember”

“Will You Remember”

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There are times when even I am at a loss for words. Not because things are that bad that I cannot write anything about it. But because I just don’t know what to write that I haven’t written before. I kinda felt that way the first time I heard this single from Sweden’s GONE BY SUNDOWN. Musically this is nothing we haven’t heard before. But I’ve been down that road so many times before that I do know that all band’s have something that differs them from the previous. Nightwish really messed things up when they mixed metal with operatic vocals. But it is a mess that I like. I like the contrast with the controlled vocals and the metal that roars around it. GONE BY SUNDOWN have a more power metal approach to their metal. Judging by this track the album that is in production is gonna be massive. Anders Ekdahl

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