Goodbye Jersey – “Entertain Me!”

Goodbye Jersey
“Entertain Me!”
(Long Beach Records)

Despite having an East Coast name this lot are from Hamburg and have a jovial sense of humour labeling themselves “…mellodick bjugel pank..” which is close to the Cally style ska skate punk pop that they play, resplendent with horns, poppy melodies and teenage aggression! And they do it so good an ‘all with lofty ambitions to match, having bagged a series of tours within just 4 months of forming with a number of bands, including This Is A Standoff from Canada! Whether it’s catchy songs like ‘Here We Go’ or the more poignant stab at the mass media on ‘Radio Sux’ or the bopping ‘Minutes Like Bombs’, what I like best is their brand of humour laced with the just the right amount of irritable social dissension making Goodbye Jersey one of the best new complete packages I’ve seen this year!
-Shan Siva
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