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Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know what it is with band names that use the dots over As and Os but it brings back memories of times much simpler. I am one of very few that haven’t read the Lords Of The Ring books but the band name seem like something that could have been picked from there. Back in 2015 I really liked the album I reviewed then. And I see no reason to not like this new one too. GÔR MÖRGÛL play a sort of death metal that makes my ears tear. If you like bands from the Polish death metal scene you might find this Italian band interesting. Hell, you don’t even have to like the Polish bands to find this interesting. This is full on assault from start to finish. There are no niceties about this at all. Pure fucking black as the night death metal that leaves no one untouched. A bloody nice album that reminds me how much I like extreme death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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