GOREGAST “Desechos Humanos”

“Desechos Humanos”
(FDA Rekotz)
Grindcore might not be the most exciting thing in the World for me but the fact remains that done the right way grindcore mixed with death metal can give me pretty good ride for my money. This German mob is on their third album and I haven’t heard anything by them prior to “Desechos Humanos”. To me grindcore is uncontrollable chaos. Goregast are more old school heavy death metal mixed with insane grindcore parts (vocals mostly). This was much better than expected. So much better that I have to look up their previous records too. There’s a groove to Goregast that makes me think back to stuff like the Swedish death metal scene of the 90s or even some heavy death metal from Germany like Morgoth when they were good. Not so much the “FETO” Napalm Death I expected. Anders Ekdahl

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