Gorelust – “Reign Of Lunacy”

Gorelust – “Reign Of Lunacy” Re-issue (PRC MUSIC)

Another blast from the past – this time the mid 90s in Quebec – by Gorelust, a band that came and went within a year, but not before releasing the awesome “Reign Of Lunacy” which resigned them to cult status for the next 18 years! With bootleg copies surfacing over the years and original versions going for hefty prices on Ebay, it was left to Remi at PRC, ironically the man who initially released the original album as 1,000 units on the now defunct NWS Records, to re-release it. As a further twist the re-issue as now prompted a resurrection of Gorelust themselves who plan a new album in 2013 and if that wasn’t enough “Reign Of Lunacy” actually features “Big Steeve” Hurdle, who passed away earlier this year and Luc Lemay (both from Gorguts at that time) who recorded backing vocals for this album!! As can be expected the style is mid 90s death metal with bestial vocals from Jean Beaulieu, buzzsaw guitars, diddly dee warblings and brutal chopping rhythms a la Gorguts, Suffocation, Monstrosity etc. So the wait is finally over, and it remains to be seen whether the successor to this much sought after underground fave both materializes and triumphs over time!

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