Gorelust – “We Are The Undead”


Gorelust – “We Are The Undead” (PRC MUSIC)

OMG – after 20 years Quebec’s death crew Gorelust have returned! These guys go all the way back to the early 90s right when bands like Death, Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation were making a huge impact on the underground, so little wonder what they sound like: pure death fucking metal!!! From Jean Beaulieu’s predatory bear growl vocals to Martin Fournier’s razor sharp riffs meets cement mixer death riffola, there’s little mercy shown on songs like ‘There Is No God’, ‘Decapitate The Holy Whore’ and the chuckling ‘Rape The Rapist’. Yep, that’s how it was back then and Gorelust have no desire in their original line up reunion to indulge in anything modern – this album was recorded raw n real, with no edits or drum triggers so big respect to Francis Marmen for his wild drumming and double bass work ably complemented by Pascal Chevrier’s grunting bass. Totally underground, and with a sound to match that almost makes “We Are The Undead” sound like a re-issue when it is in fact a completely new album, Bielo-russian artist Andrey Kroms adds his touch with his Ed Repka style artwork making for the perfect package! Laid to rest when Beaulieu quit the band in the mid 90s but resurrected from the dead by unrelenting fan demand and heavy trading in their previous albums, “We Are The Undead” sees one of Canada’s premiere cult death metal bands return to do what they do best – hack n slash to bloody excess with maniacal savagery! 

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