GORGY “Birth Of Damnation”

“Birth Of Damnation”
(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Coming from the home of country and western music doesn’t have to be a negative thing if you’re a metal band. Gorgy is proof of that. Their aggressive death/thrash will take you far away from broken hearts and whining violins. Here it’s all blood and guts and the only broken heart is that crushed by a hammer. No, you haven’t stumbled into another Cannibal Corpse wannabe. I’m just looking at the cover to “Birth Of Damnation”. That cover makes me think back to a time of LP sized covers. How great wouldn’t it look on 12X12 inches? Musically this brings back memories of a time when crazed death/thrash was the air we breathed. I can hear so many different styles of extreme metal in Gorgy’s music that it all becomes one giant bowel of goodies. It’s like they say, you don’t know what you miss until it knocks you on your back telling you it’s back again. I didn’t know that I missed this crazed metal until Gorgy came knocking. Anders Ekdahl

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