GOROD “A Perfect Absolution”

“A perfect Absolution”
I know that you shouldn’t judge a cat by its fur but I felt nothing when I saw the band name Gorod. It didn’t bring anything with it. This could be the worst kind of AC/DC rock ever or the best death metal I’ve heard since the late 80s. As it turned out Gorod aches more towards the latter. This is death metal in the good old Death/Gorgasm school of technical wizardry. Think tempo shifts and a massive riffing and you get a pretty good picture of what this sound like. If you liked Death’s “Sound Of Perseverance” album you sure are going to like this, if you can take it a bit more extreme. My jury was out on the last proper Death album and still hasn’t come back. I don’t get that feeling with Gorod. Maybe because I discover them in the middle of doing their thing. This isn’t exactly my thing a 100% but I sure can appreciate it on my good day. Anders Ekdahl

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