Gothminister – “Utopia – The Movie”

Gothminister – “Utopia – The Movie” DVD (AFM Records)

Having already reviewed the album from Bjørn Alexander Brem (aka Gothminister) and found it to be a commendable effort, I was looking for something on the spectacular giving how theatrics feature so heavily in both the band’s music and obviously their image. At over an hour and a quarter my expectations were only raised by the Brem’s obvious ambition and seeming genius. In reality “Utopia – The Movie” is an hour long concert preceded by a 15 minute intro filmed on the streets of Oslo, and a shocking 5 minute outro at the end. The intro itself doesn’t compare to it’s ending, coming across no better than an average rock video with the undead being a real disappointment and making the whole experience seem rather camp. Essentially covering the concept of Brem waking up in a surrealist undead world before being transformed himself into Gothminister, whereupon the live concert begins, the culmination is himself being swallowed into the audience (zombie-fied for the occasion naturally) before the chilling mix of gore and suspense finish off the movie. Why they couldn’t have made it like that throughout the movie I’m not sure but all I can say is don’t be put off in what is otherwise another commendable effort bringing out the brilliance of Brem!

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