Gothminister – “Utopia”

Gothminister – “Utopia” (AFM Records)

America has Marilyn Manson, Norway has Bjørn Alexander Brem – lawyer by day, Gothminister by nite! Tortured by the insanity of eventually being unable to separate this dark reality from imagination, “Utopia” is a concept album along with a feature length horror concert film reflecting the dark wave / goth music Brem composes, along with a hefty amount of theatrics. Laugh you may, but Gothminister have already released 4 albums and played Wave Gotik Treffen, M`Era Luna and the Schattenreich Festival in front of 10,000 people! Highly atmospheric to almost cinematic proportions, songs like ‘Someone Is After Me’, ‘All Alone’ and ‘Helldemon’ feature heaps of samples amidst a strong dance beat – with occasional blast beat flurries – atop of which Brem lays his goth vocals. Strangely no keyboardist is mentioned in the undead line up although they feature both prominently and throughout the album. Still, it’s a small question when what really impresses about Gothminister is that they are probably one of the few bands in their genre who concentrate as much on their music as they do on their make up.

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