GOTTWUT “Konglomerat”


Battle Helm Rating

Russian industrial metal is not the most common thing to surface in my inbox. But every now and then strange things do appear. I like industrial metal. And no, this does not sound like Rammstein. Everything industrial does not start and stop there. Or it does at time sound like Rammstein. My mistake. I thought that for once I would get to hear a band not being under the influence. Not that I really complain. I love Rammstein. Have ever since that very first album. But it would be nice to hear an industrial band that dare to walk a different path. The ever so present Rammstein influence do affect my overall impression of this. Not that it is a bad album. I just fell that it just could have been so much more. But I do like it. It is heavy, mechanical and melodic. You can easily sing along to it just as well as headbang. Anders Ekdahl

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