Grafvitnir – “Keys To The Mysteries Beyond”

Grafvitnir – “Keys To The Mysteries Beyond” (Carnal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Fiercely recorded during the freezing winter of 2017 – well, it sez so and I believe them! Now onto their 5th album in just 10 years, these veteran Swedish practitioners of the black arts show their mettle in the awesome music making up this stunning release. With huge amounts of epic atmosphere and equally plenty of black metal melodies contrasting stunningly with the usual haunting rasps and blast beating frenzy across dull thudding drums, it’s the ultra raw uber decadent riffs along with the intricate fret board work that really do it for me on the 10 classy tracks here. Listening to songs like ‘Nidhögg’,’Vargavinter’ and ‘Eye of Lucifer’ there’s a real air of superiority and why not, as Grafvitnir clearly have a massive talent for composing and it’s manifested arrogantly across an album that has absolutely no let up from start to finish. Delivered intensely straight from the fiery bowels of hell itself, “Keys To The Mysteries Beyond” is triumph incarnate for not just this band, but truly their dark lord himself – ave!

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