Graham Bonnet Band – “Live In Tokyo 2017”

Graham Bonnet Band – “Live In Tokyo 2017” (Frontiers Music)
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Following the issue of last year’s “Parole Denied – Tokyo 2017” when founding Alcatrazz members, Graham Bonnet (vocals), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards) and Gary Shea (bass), reunited after 33 years for a unique series of shows in Japan, comes “Live In Tokyo 2017”, also recorded in March 2017 after a very special show featuring a number of Rainbow, MSG, Impellitteri, and Bonnet solo classics as performed by the man himself – and who has been in the rock n roll business for over 40 years! With 16 songs that are nothing short of a ‘best-of’ compilation, expect nothing less in terms of the band’s performance, with minimal banter and absolutely stellar vocals from Bonnet himself throughout. Whatever’s been said about him in the past, nothing can take away from the majesty of hearing newer tracks like ‘S.O.S’ and ‘Dancer’ enthralling in the live sphere along with classics like ‘Night Games’ again and like I said, despite being 71 years old, Bonnet’s pipes still elicit the same emotion for me as they did back in day. Indeed, when it came to classics like ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and ‘All Night Long’ the feeling was nothing short of euphoric given Bonnet’s soul, backed ably by the pumping 70s keys of Jimmy Waldo and deep bass of Beth-Ami Heavenstone. With the band on fire, ‘Lost In Hollywood’ was nothing short of a blinder thanks to Mark Benquchea’s driving drums, the fantastic backing harmonies from the band, and the amazing guitar work of Conrado Pesinato, whose own performance throughout this mesmerising live release was truly to be impressed by. An incredible live album by all accounts, but most of all for its heart in the band and their music.
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