Grand Alchemist – “Disgusting Hedonism”

Grand Alchemist – “Disgusting Hedonism” (Lydfella Records)

With such a catchy band name I’m surprised these guys aren’t known better outside of their native Norway, given they’ve been going since the mid 90s, and even more so when listening to their amazing symphonic black metal! With elements of Emperor, Arcturus and early Children of Bodom, there is clearly a lot going on in this complex band and it’s all brought to life by the brilliant musicianship of Grand Alchemist. Listening to superb songs like ‘Synthetic Physical Intercourse’, ‘Deserted Apocalyptic Cities’, and ‘Touching The Course Of My Muse’ the passion is abundant in the dark drawling vocals, passionate folk harmonies, black / prog riffs, delicate middle eastern melodies, goth keyboard atmospherics, heaps of heavy technical drumming – and so much more! Thoroughly pleasurable, this is an album that doesn’t hold back in giving it all to you!!!

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