Grand Magus – “The Hunt”

Grand Magus – “The Hunt” (Nuclear Blast)

I used to think that these Swedes were a pretty good stoner metal band but along with changing their label for this album, they seem to have gone back to their heavy metal roots. Remaining a three piece although now with Spiritual Beggars drummer Ludwig Witt to replace Sebastian Sippola, JB still possesses a fine voice and on songs like ‘Silver Moon’, ‘Valhalla Rising’ and ‘Son Of The Last Breath’ he now has the opportunity to showcase his ability to handle soulful and melodic stuff along with their more aggressive tones. Rhythmically the band is as tight as ever allowing them to ably handle the groovier and more harmonious material that I wouldn’t have imagined on their previous releases, so “The Hunt” has definitely progressed them now more into the realms of a traditional viking HM band. Grand Magus continue to remain grand, but they’ve cleaned up their act, taken a bath and emptied the ashtray on this one.

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