Grave Digger – “Clash Of The Gods”

Grave Digger – “Clash Of The Gods” (Napalm Records)

Grave Digger are one of Germany’s earliest metal bands, beginning in the early 80s and still going strong largely thanks to the dedication of frontman vocalist Chris Boltendahl. With a strong following in their home market “Clash Of The Gods” is their 16th album no less, and with the classical theme still strongly part of their ethos, they’ve chosen to turn back the clock right to the ages of Greek mythology! Grave Digger’s music is equally classical, being essentially 80s Euro metal although Chris’s gruff voice definitely stands out as being exceptional to that era. Whilst not being as eccentrically serious as Manowar, Grave Digger nevertheless do justice in their own right to songs like ‘God Of Terror’, ‘Warriors Revenge’ and ‘Medusa’ which are played at varying tempos, some heavy, some melodic, some epic and others more singalong – especially to their own name lol – essentially covering the full heavy metal spectrum both in fine style and as one of the original purveyors of it!

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