GRAVE MIASMA “Odori Sepulcrorum”

“Odori Sepulcrorum”
(Sepulchral Voice Records / Profound Lore Records)
I might not be the most astute when it comes to keeping track of where bands come from. I actually thought that GRAVE MIASMA were South Americans when the truth is a bit closer to home. I have nothing against British extreme metal. This to me is like being borderline. I have no idea how much they want to be death or black metal. I get distinct death metal feel from the vocals but the music tells me that there are tendencies towards the more necro side of black metal. I guess this is what is easily described as extreme metal, period. Musically this is on the heavier side. The tempo isn’t terribly high but that is pretty much the charm of this. You don’t have to play at 180mph to be extreme. I like this. Anders Ekdahl

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