GRAVEMIND ”The Deathgate”

”The Deathgate”

Battle Helm Rating

With a name like that I kinda expect a death metal band to burst out. But seeing as you today can’t judge a band by its name this could very well be anything but death metal. I honestly don’t know what set deathcore apart from regular death metal. To my ears it does sound like death metal and nothing more. Sure, there are different styles of death metal but in the end it is still death metal. This is heavy as fuck and brutal as a rhino on a rampage. And even though this reminds me of something I cannot for the life of me pick it out. All I can say is that this is modern. And not as straight forward as for example Swedish death metal. So if you like you death tricked out with technical stuff and break beats and whatever you’ll have field day with this. I know I am. Anders Ekdahl

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